Tuesday, November 12, 2002

Tired but happy

Both movie discs, half of the first appendix. Too tired to do anything other than wallow right now; will attempt to post coherent thoughts and spoilers tomorrow.

Have to tell the rest of the funny story from this morning, though. I went to Toys R Us because they had Star Wars cheaper than anyone else, and I couldn't help but notice that behind me, in line, there was a really hot guy with long hair, nicely dressed. He was also buying SW. Sweet, I thought -- hot guy who's also a genre geek. Then I drove to Best Buy, which didn't open for another half an hour. A few minutes later a car pulls in next to me and who gets out? Really hot guy!

Now, I was wearing black sweats and had not even washed my hair. Nonetheless, I ask him whether he's getting the deluxe edition or just the movie, and we start talking. Turns out he's a Trekkie and even a Space: 1999 fan, which means he's likely around my age. While we're talking genre TV, I notice this woman glancing our way, also waiting for the store to open, and I think: oh, she probably wants to talk to Really Hot Guy, and being married and all I should clear the playing field. So I say hello to her, ask whether she's there to get LOTR, Really Hot Guy says hello too, and I ask her the question I asked him about whether she's getting the basic set or the bookends. Her reply? "I think I'm just going to get the movie and save my money for the DVD sets of Highlander!"

So we walk through the store talking together, discussing TV, realizing we graduated from local high schools within a year of each other and she knew my best friend from high school and all this other stuff. At some point I realize that Really Hot Guy has dropped away, which is sort of a shame but, you know, I'm married and all. The woman and I exchange phone numbers and e-mail, and as we're about to pay and leave, she asks me whether by any chance I know Really Hot Guy or how to reach him. Sorry -- nope! That was her job, I figured! Thus proving that common slash interests can override even chasing Really Hot Guys.

Personally I think she should take out one of those "You Caught My Eye" personals. "You: Long hair, buying FOTR:EE at Best Buy in Rockville. Me: The better dressed of the two women geeking out with you." Heh.

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