Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Poem for Tuesday and Patowmack Canal Ruins

1990 Special
By Charles Bukowski

weary to the bone,
dancing in the dark with the
the Suicide Kid gone

ah, the swift summers
over and gone

is that death
stalking me

no, it's only my cat,


I'm trying to think whether I can claim to have done anything of importance on Monday besides watching Pride and Prejudice. *thinks* Oh yes -- I folded laundry while watching Pride and Prejudice. It took several hours because I was repeatedly distracted by Colin Firth. Hmm, plus I discovered that Showtime has a ten-minute featurette on The King's Speech on On Demand, which of course I had to watch. It has bits of pretty much every major scene in the movie, including my single favorite line, and it has short interviews with the director, Rush, Bonham Carter, and Firth including the one in which the latter explains that the film has the structure of a romantic comedy. Plus I got to walk, since it didn't snow. So it was a pretty good day.

Paul decided that we should have Mexican food in honor of the Tostitos Bowl even though it's not technically a national holiday, so we had veggie "meat" and bean burritos, plus Tostitos and dip which I barely ate because of the sodium. And we had ice cream with marshmallow fluff during the BCS Championship, during which, as The Onion said, Auburn had to find a way to communicate over Oregon's extremely loud uniforms. We were all rooting for the Ducks here, though we were annoyed when they went for the touchdown on that fourth-down play when they should have kicked a field goal and stayed within a touchdown, and now I can't stay up for the rest because I have an early doctor's appointment in the morning. Some more photos of Virginia's Great Falls, the ruins of the Potowmack Canal, and the visitor center on Sunday:

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