Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Poem for Wednesday and Relaxing at Brookside

O servant, where dost thou seek Me?
By Kabir
Translated by Vinay Dharwadker

O servant, where dost thou seek Me?
Lo! I am beside thee.
I am neither in temple nor in mosque:
I am neither in Kaaba nor in Kailash:
Neither am I in rites and ceremonies, nor in Yoga and renunciation.
If thou art a true seeker, thou shalt at once see me:
thou shalt meet Me in a moment of time.
Kabîr says, "O Sadhu! God is the breath of all breath."


It was a relatively uneventful Tuesday -- I am not planning to fast or even to attend services on Yom Kippur, so I didn't have things that had to be completed physically or spiritually by sundown (and frankly I think that until after the election, or at least until after I stop getting a dozen calls and e-mails a day telling me I must send money or it will be my fault if the country collapses, I doubt I can get my psychic house in order). Plus I'm kind of sleepy from staying up late yelling at the television after the last play of the Packers-Seahawks game. Mostly I did chores and enjoyed the gorgeous weather (nine deer, two bunnies) and chatted with son and his girlfriend before they went out to dinner.

I am hoping that one evening this week I don't have to waste an hour fighting with LiveJournal to let me get at my saved poetry, my photos, my drafts, etc. but tonight was not destined to be that evening, so this will be short and cranky. (LJ Support tells me to run a traceroute except even that isn't working!) Anyway, we are watching The Avengers extras ( got the four-disc set, figuring for a couple more bucks we'd enjoy all the added material) and that is more enjoyable than fighting with LJ -- I'd seen the gag reel online but not the deleted scenes and other stuff. Have a good fast, those who are observing. Some Brookside Gardens photos, if they'll load:

Happy 19th birthday Daniel!

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