Saturday, October 13, 2012

Poem for Saturday, Defiant, Great Falls, Baseball Heartbreak

By Jacek Gutorow

The problem with boundaries: in the blink of an eye a dozen crows
lose their individuality and become a flock. Same as now:
frayed seconds disappear into quarters
that transfer their worth into the afternoon's account.
Time flows but space isn't any worse:
the flock of crows cuts the sky diagonally.
It's as if a new continent were emerging
to greet halfway the nascent cartographers
and their dreams. Sooner or later the flock will break up
into birds. The sea will crumble into waves.
The waves into drops. A delicate afternoon will be calculable
like harvested grain. The room will resemble
a clock without hands.


I have spent the evening trying (unsuccessfully) to get Adam's Verizon SIM card to work in my old T-Mobile phone, since his phone is dead and we really need to be able to get ahold of him at his cross country meet on Saturday, so this will be rushed! I don't have a lot of news anyway. I spent the morning finishing a review of Deep Space Nine's "Defiant" and getting defriended on Facebook by high school acquaintances for observing that when Biden debates like Romney debates, certain people complain that Biden is mean and nasty when they had no problem with Romney's condescension and sneering a week earlier.

Gorgeous weather made a long afternoon walk a necessity. Apart from dinner, talking to Adam and trying to deal with his phone, my evening was about sports. The Orioles sadly blew game five against the Yankees -- just imagine what they could have accomplished if they had as much money to throw around as the Yankees do -- and the Nationals decided to keep things interesting when they were one batter away from victory, blowing it in the ninth inning in a game that was almost as stressful as a presidential debate. Here are some more photos from Great Falls yesterday with Rachel:


Dilys said...

I too wondered why the discontinuity of observation between Romney and Biden, both agressive, both interrupting, both smiling too much, both rude, and yet Romney considered the winner when he had no substance whatsoever to his speech, and Biden just considered, agressive, interrupting, smiley, and rude. It must be the lens through which the circumstances are viewed, the lens of expectation and affinity, and there's no accounting for that is there?

On another note I really enjoy all your absolutely gorgeous photos and don't post my appreciation nearly often enough! Thanks for sharing such beauty with all of us!

Anonymous said...

Marvelous photos. Too bad about the Facebook nonsense...and from those you thought knew you! FB and politics are both strange beasts. I loved this river. Go Yankees...but may be time for Alex R. to get paid less or show up for his team and earn that enormous salary. gin

Michelle Erica Green said...

I must confess that when I realized he'd unfriended me (I guessed at once who it had been, even though I'd had more heated political discussions with other people and what I said to him was in mellow language and hardly an opinion no one else we both know shared), I was more relieved than distressed -- I won't have to read his rants about how legal abortion encourages teen promiscuity and factually distorted stuff like that. I think people are used to Biden playing affable and a bit goofy, like George W. Bush -- they both suffer from foot-in-mouth disease, which makes both of them sound less smart than they actually are -- so to see Biden at the top of his game was a surprise.

Thanks re: the photos, but Gin, I have stronger language to use about the Yankees than about the candidates. *veg*