Friday, December 28, 2012

Placeholder for Friday

We have been watching Gladiator whose ending always has me riveted so I am totally behind this evening. Here are photos of our awesome busy day:

These cows live at Oxon Hill Farm in Prince George's County, a national park on the Potomac River.

Though the park has horses and donkeys, sheep, chickens and geese, etc. (I will post photos later on), it is also notable for wildlife... the deer above and like these wild turkeys that the farm sometimes feeds because visitors like to see them.

Oxon Hill Farm is just minutes from National Harbor, the new retail-and-convention-center where Maryland voters approved a referendum to build a casino.

The statue behind the tree is called The Awakening and used to be in DC at Hains Point.

There are megaliths placed all around the shopping district, even a stone circle.

And it is home to the Gaylord Hotel, which has wonderful fountains and holiday displays in its atrium as well as a huge ice sculpture display under a dome outside (which we didn't see because it's quite expensive).

In the evening we went to Seneca Creek State Park for the annual Gaithersburg Winter Lights show. Here are the penguins -- more soon!

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