Friday, December 07, 2012

Poem for Friday and Croydon Creek Critters

Guillaume Apollinaire
By Gertrude Stein

Give known or pin ware.
Fancy teeth, gas strips.
Elbow elect, sour stout pore, pore caesar, pour state at.
Leave eye lessons I. Leave I. Lessons. I. Leave I lessons, I.


My Thursday was not eventful. I finished my only winter fest obligation and started a review of a DS9 episode I did not remember at all. I read about rat empathy (thus proving that rats may have greater sensitivity than animal researchers), and the first gay Marylanders to get marriage licenses. I took a walk in the more December-appropriate chilly weather and saw a bunny in spite of it. I watched the new Trek movie trailer and -- okay, fine, I was snickering at how over the top it was, go ahead and defriend me if you must.

Adam needed a ride back to school for the full dress rehearsal of the show which opens on Friday -- we're seeing it on Sunday with my parents and Daniel -- so I did some chores after driving him. In the evening we watched Beauty and the Beast, which I hear is still on the bubble and will be so sad if it doesn't get renewed, then Elementary, which was surprisingly restrained and actually had a happy ending. Here are some photos from Croydon Creek Nature Center, both inside and out along the trail, in November:


Anonymous said...

Marvelous shots! That first bird really caught our eye. I wonder what he is called. Love your woodpecker and turtle. The deer are just beautiful!
Hope you will enjoy the new movie.

littlereview said...

Thanks so much! I think it may be a nuthatch. The woodpecker sadly was moving too quickly for my lens! I hated the first Trek reboot movie so I doubt I will see the second; I prefer to remember the Star Trek I loved.