Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Poem for Wednesday and Random DC

Parochial Poetry
By Ben Doller

whiter I make it when walking right in
unswerved, sweating fluorescent bleach,
preaching a moon page that says its welts:
learn this by heart is empty but do it
to do it. I make it somehow whiter, zombied
and I opified allover the absolutely
whitest room. I say keep your lines in line
and look at me now just lining them,
some flogged orthodoxen, ploughed
down sillion shiny sacerdotal lines
I'm supposed to like and looky I do.
I like what I like. I just like what I like.
I like to say look: dissident anachronistics,
shambolic stuff in master rows but look
at me. I even early balded to enhance
the interrogation. I meander in and form more
order. I like to point with my pointer, to
indicate. The most afraid I like to get is
a little bit. I app my accounts and survey
the advantage. I tower under.
I oxiclean the ivory. I shower and shower.
I dig on fonts. I wake up singing I say
never start with that but one morning
I wake up singing the Fat Boys. I wikipede
The Fat Boys. One of them is no longer.
The other is no longer fat. I assess the Human
beatbox via a Schwittersian optic.
I exercise my massive rights. I have the right
to remain. I remain. I interview just
like a glacier. I hand dance. I like just
what I like. My skin is white not. It fits
just tight. It burns on will. My horizon
is fungible. My will is like whatever.
My SPF is infinity. People seem to like
me. I was just born just this way.


It poured Tuesday morning, then the sun came out and we had another gorgeous day in the DC area. I had to make a quick, semi-successful stop at the mall (birthday cards and denim leggings acquired, sports bra not so much), and I took a nice long walk in the beautiful late afternoon weather. I wanted to read about the possibility of life on Mars but kept running into Dennis Rodman articles instead, ugh.

Otherwise I have not much to report -- we watched Velvet Goldmine because I was in the mood and hadn't seen it in years and Bale, Rhys Meyers and McGregor are all brilliant in it, then we watched Smash which, not brilliant. I have an early dentist appointment on Wednesday, followed by closing on the mortgage, so some quick gratuitous downtown tourist pics and I must crash:

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