Saturday, August 24, 2013

Poem for Saturday, Huntley Meadows, The Ship

Muffin of Sunsets
By Elaine Equi

The sky is melting. Me too.
Who hasn't seen it this way?

Pink between the castlework
of buildings.

Pensive syrup
drizzled over clouds.

It is almost catastrophic how heavenly.

A million poets, at least,
have stood in this very spot,
groceries in hand, wondering:

"Can I witness the Rapture
and still make it home in time for dinner?"


Quickie because I have been busy all night learning how to use my new phone! My Droid Incredible 2, while incredible indeed for quite a long time, has been having issues with charging, battery draining and being out of space (the version of the operating system it's running, which can't be updated without rooting the phone, won't let any bloatware be moved to the SD card), and Adam's Droid is in even worse shape, barely functioning. So we decided to upgrade all our phones and now we all have Galaxy S4s. So far I totally love it; it was very easy to download all my apps, just took some time to customize and get everything in the folders where I want them.

In other news, I posted a review of Deep Space Nine's "The Ship", and the National Zoo announced the wonderful news that giant panda Mei Xiang has had a baby. Closer to home, Daisy jumped on the kitchen table and flicked her tail right into my barbecue sauce, and I had to recruit Adam to help me chase, catch, and clean her, much to her irritation. Adam needed a ride to school to drop off administrative papers, then went back a couple of hours later for cross country practice; Daniel packed and did his laundry so we can move his things into his new apartment over the weekend. Here are some photos from Huntley Meadows last weekend:

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