Thursday, August 29, 2013

Poem for Thursday and Spring Tulips

By the Waters of Babylon [V. Currents]
By Emma Lazarus

1. Vast oceanic movements, the flux and reflux of immeasurable tides, oversweep our continent.

2. From the far Caucasian steppes, from the squalid Ghettos of Europe,

3. From Odessa and Bucharest, from Kief and Ekaterinoslav,

4. Hark to the cry of the exiles of Babylon, the voice of Rachel mourning for her children, of Israel lamenting for Zion.

5. And lo, like a turbid stream, the long-pent flood bursts the dykes of oppression and rushes hitherward.

6. Unto her ample breast, the generous mother of nations welcomes them.

7. The herdsman of Canaan and the seed of Jerusalem's royal shepherd renew their youth amid the pastoral plains of Texas and the golden valleys of the Sierras.


Wednesday mostly involved more chores and the rain made me sluggish; there must have been a front moving through because my head was groggy all day. Given that Adam had an afternoon track meet and was eventually going to need a ride home, I did not get downtown for the march, though I watched on and off on the news. I did get the laundry folded (and watched Russell Crowe's episode of Republic of Doyle with his Merry Men, which I have since learned has also had Paul Gross in a guest role, so I need to track that down too).

We had Italian "sausage" and white beans for dinner, which was yummy, then we all ran out to CVS because we had several coupons and Adam needed notebooks for school, plus Shout to get out the stains his bike chain left in his pants. After he went to do calculus, we watched Broadchurch, which is really making me miss my nighttime sanity hour with Stewart and Colbert -- they better be back next week. Here are some pictures from last April of the tulips at Brookside Gardens that I found while I was uploading summer photos to Flickr:

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