Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Poem for Wednesday and Paradise Dolphin Cruise

The High-School Lawn
By Thomas Hardy

Gray prinked with rose,
White tipped with blue,
Shoes with gay hose,
Sleeves of chrome hue;
Fluffed frills of white,
Dark bordered light;
Such shimmerings through
Trees of emerald green are eyed
This afternoon, from the road outside.

They whirl around:
Many laughters run
With a cascade's sound;
Then a mere one.

A bell: they flee:
Silence then: --
So it will be
Some day again
With them, -- with me.


Tuesday was pretty quiet around here. Adam's cross country season officially started in the morning with mandatory forms, then a run and a team lunch. I spent the morning researching mobile phones since Adam's is nearly dead and mine is slowly dying (Galaxy S4 vs. Note 2 vs. waiting for HTC One -- opinions?), then took Daniel out for bagels and spreads, plus a quick stop in AC Moore, which does not have tiny glass leaf-shaped beads in stock. To my surprise, they do already have Halloween stuff -- I guess by Halloween it will be Christmas!

I only saw two bunnies -- perhaps they were hiding in anticipation of the big thunderstorm that arrived in the early evening -- but it wasn't beastly hot for August. In the evening we all watched Wreck-It Ralph, which Adam had seen with a friend and determined that we all needed to see, particularly Daniel, the gamer; I didn't catch all the gaming jokes, but I did enjoy it, especially Jane Lynch's kick-ass Calhoun. Here are some more photos from our dolphin cruise in the Outer Banks, none properly edited as I haven't had time!


Gin G said...

I have never seen dolphins in the wild. This must have been very exciting. Nice post, as always.

Michelle Erica Green said...

We've seen them in the Atlantic before but only at great distance. These were right by the boat -- it was wonderful!