Friday, December 20, 2013

Poem for Friday and South Mountain Autumn

This is My Life
By William Stanley Braithwaite

To feed my soul with beauty till I die;
To give my hands a pleasant task to do;
To keep my heart forever filled anew
With dreams and wonders which the days supply;
To love all conscious living, and thereby
Respect the brute who renders up its due,
And know the world as planned is good and true-
And thus -because there chanced to be an I!

This is my life since things are as they are:
One half akin to flowers and the grass:
The rest a law unto the changeless star.
And I believe when I shall come to pass
Within the Door His hand shall hold ajar
I'll leave no echoing whisper of Alas!


December decided to take a break on Thursday, which was much appreciated -- we had afternoon sun and it was over 50 degrees, which almost made me forget that it's one of the darkest days of the year. I got a call from the vet to come pick up Rosie's remains, so it was never going to be a happy day for me, but I got to see two bunnies while walking through the neighborhood, something that hasn't happened in many weeks, and New Mexico's Supreme Court ruled that same-sex couples have the same right to marry as opposite-sex couples, so that's 17/50 and rising. On Friday, both my kids are finished with school for the winter term, so I will get a few days of family time and am looking forward to that.

Adam needed to mail some packages so we had to brave pre-Christmas post office lines, but that only took about an hour after track practice (apparently Malia Obama was running in the meet he couldn't compete in yesterday) and now I have stamps for my overseas holiday cards, which will all be late, sorry. After dinner we watched most of the Saturday Night Live Christmas special, which was fun in a nostalgic way (Schweddy Balls wasn't that funny in the first place but now it makes me giggle) and Jon Stewart saying goodbye to a weeping John Oliver. *sniffle* When I posted the winter South Mountain Creamery pics, I found some from the Festival of the Farm that I never posted:

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