Saturday, February 08, 2014

Poem for Saturday, Empok Nor, Locust Grove

In This Light
By Matt Hart

nothing and nothing
gets by you, but I get
so distracted
that my notice
has been put on notice
for birds and for traffic
For instance,
the constant
slap of the sound
of waves
against gutters
gets by me
Grass stain on my hands
from falling down
at the hospital
gets by me     Physics
Sequined dresses
The Olympics get by me
the mountains are,
so far, only distant,
and some days
I am even making my way
through them
with my pants on,
which is lucky,
though at other junctures
sunflowers and pine tree
needles     my arms
in full blossom
as you appear
around a corner
The day looking up
between us
pink clouds


I had sort of a strange Friday. I rushed in the morning to get work done because I had plans to meet Hufflepants for lunch in Rockville, but she was recruited to help take care of kittens at the shelter where she volunteers, and how could I possibly object to that? So I went to the mall to get yogurt, buy a gift for a friend, and use my Bath & Body Works free item coupon before it expired (I'm trying that new Velvet Sugar).

We had dinner with my parents and Adam, who has had a tough week at school plus he has a cold. I posted a review of Deep Space Nine's not-terribly-great "Empok Nor", and we watched the Olympics opening ceremonies -- I enjoyed the ballet, the news is making too much of that one ring that didn't open perfectly, Andorra has nicer sweaters than the US does, and NBC needs to be more critical of Putin. Winter at Locust Grove:

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