Sunday, June 22, 2014

Placeholder for Sunday

I have had a very busy day, so rather than trying to write paragraphs to summarize, here it is in pictures: Adam went for a kayaking lesson at Riley's Lock in the morning. Daniel drove us to pick him up, and we saw herons in the river... ...then we took a walk along the C&O Canal and Seneca Creek, where we saw these adolescent goslings and their parents. Since we were not far from Homestead Farm, we went to visit again. We got to see the goats walking on the goat walk... ...but our main reason for visiting the farm was to pick the blueberries that were just coming ripe. Then we all came home to take showers and get dressed... we could go to Seasons 52 with my parents for their anniversary. (I had goat cheese flatbread, cedar-plank tofu with potatoes, and pecan pie, all of which were great.) Here we are after dinner, before dropping the dope on the far right off at a party where he played Capture the Flag in the dark with no shoes so he didn't ruin the shoes, and ruined his foot instead! Those of us who went home watched three episodes of Orphan Black, which just gets better!

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