Saturday, June 28, 2014

Poem for Saturday, UMCP, Wrongs Darker Than Death, Moonrise Kingdom

Love in the Morning
By Annie Finch

Morning’s a new bird
stirring against me
out of a quiet nest,
coming to flight—

breath-filling body,

clean as clear water,

kindling companion,

mystery and mountain,


My morning was mostly taken up with finishing a review of Deep Space Nine's problematic yet still riveting "Wrongs Darker Than Death or Night". Right after lunch, we went back to College Park, first to retrieve Adam from his orientation-and-registration weekend and to stop in the bookstore for some shirts and college paraphernalia, then to pick up Daniel so he could come home and do some driving over the weekend. Here are a few more photos of the University of Maryland:

There are supposedly only eight Fear the Turtle statues left on campus and now that I've seen this one near the rec center, I believe I have taken photos of all of them.

Here I am with the bronze Testudo in the student union yesterday.

I know I've posted pictures before of the bench outside the student union honoring alumnus Jim Henson and Kermit. Here's the view of it from inside the building.

Though the dairy has produced ice cream for many years, it is now sold in the student union, both scooped and in quarts!

We stopped to see the sheep on the campus farm...

...and, across the street from the farm, the new physical sciences building.

There are many black squirrels on the campus. They are just as eager as the gray squirrels to beg for food.

The view toward McKeldin Library past the big sundial above the fountain.

We had dinner with my parents and came home in time to watch Moonrise Kingdom, which none of us had seen and which is excellent, if odd -- I don't love Anderson the way hipsters tell me I should, many of his films are inexcusably sexist, but this one is really charming -- and then watched the last two episodes of Orphan Black. Those are worthy of a post of their own, but I'm very sleepy now from two days of walking around College Park (and closer to home, where we had several bunnies!).


Anonymous said...

In quarts now? Yay!

(Notice how I focused on the ice cream....)

Michelle Erica Green said...

Hey, ice cream is important! *G*