Thursday, June 12, 2014

Poem for Thursday and Growing Bunnies

The Long Hand Wishes It Was Used
By Jackie Clark

Sometimes I wish I didn't think in words
and that instead for each thought I thought I drew upon an image,
and that I was able to organize each image in a linear way that would be like sort of like reading
and that instead of trying to describe the edges around something
I could just think the color around the edges of the image to be darker,
that the detail on the image could become more or less detailed depending on how much clarity I believe I needed to disclose at the time
For instance, instead of saying love, I could just think watermelon
I could just think of a watermelon cut in half, laying open on a picnic table
The inside would be just as moist as it was pink
I could picture cutting up pieces and giving them out to my friends.
It wouldn't have to be sunny
It wouldn't have to be anything else then just that
It would really simplify my walk home at night,
where every thought I think is some contrived line I repeat over and over to myself
Words are always just replaced with new ones
The pictures would never need to know otherwise


"I often make quiet, patient wishes...I mostly wish to be able to see the world differently because I think that would rectify some of its difficulty for me," Jackie Clark told "This poem is an attempt to do just that, if only briefly."

My laundry is still not folded because I got to spend most of Wednesday with my friend Shalini, whom I've seen often online but not in person for nearly a decade, even though she lives in Northern Virginia so I really have no excuse! We went out and got California Tortilla, then came back and watched Elizabeth: The Golden Age and The Wolverine, neither of which had she seen and both of which I could watch again and again. When she went home as the pre-storm sky was getting dark, she left me with a list of Bollywood movies not to miss!

Adam had a busy social schedule -- out to breakfast with one friend, out biking and to lunch with other friends, then out to dinner and laser tag with yet another group of friends. He is still not home and the local roads are flooded from the huge evening storm. After dinner we watched the season finale of The 100, which ended with an interesting twist, and they did not kill the character I was afraid they'd kill off, though they seem to have killed off a character I wish they hadn't. Since it's been a while, growing neighborhood bunny babies:


Gin G said...

Love these bunnies. I have not seen one in a year or more. :(
This was such an excellent poem. It took my mind off to long ago thougts that live in my head. Good to know I still have a mind.
Thank you for sharing what she said about her poetry as well.
Old friends are the best! Glad you enjoyed the day. Gin

Michelle Erica Green said...

I heard there was a fungus or something affecting the number of fox babies born, which is probably in inverse proportion to the number of bunnies. I am so glad we have so many babies this year!

Have you heard Russell Crowe sing "I Miss My Mind"? That could be my motto since having children!