Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Poem for Wednesday, Grand Budapest Hotel, Skinks

The Dreamer
By Djuna Barnes

The night comes down, in ever-darkening shapes that seem--
To grope, with eerie fingers for the window--then--
To rest to sleep, enfolding me, as in a dream
     Faith--might I awaken!

And drips the rain with seeming sad, insistent beat.
Shivering across the pane, drooping tear-wise,
And softly patters by, like little fearing feet.
     Faith--this weather!

The feathery ash is fluttered; there upon the pane,--
The dying fire casts a flickering ghostly beam,--
Then closes in the night and gently falling rain.
     Faith--what darkness!


My Tuesday was not nearly as entertaining as my Monday -- Paul worked from home so I got to have lunch with him, and Adam was actually home for dinner for a change. But it was hot and sticky (we never got the rain that pounded College Park and closed the roads near where Daniel works -- several feet over Paint Branch Parkway, he posted a pic). I had lots of chores to do, and the laundry is still not folded because I spent so much time attacking various parts of the kitchen to remove gunk.

I saw all four baby bunnies, so that was nice. I realize that Eric Cantor's Tea Party opponent probably has even more heinous positions than Cantor himself, but if losing his primary derails Cantor's presidential ambitions, so much the better. And after dinner we all watched The Grand Budapest Hotel on demand -- Adam had seen it in the theater and told us we really needed to do so as well, and it's really superbly done, lots of great actors and wonderful visuals. Broad-headed skinks at Great Falls last month:


Gin G said...

We saw The Grand Budapest Hotel in the theater as well. I found it fun, but Bill had trouble with the fast moving banter and quick wit. I loved that, and whisper to him. I warn anyone sitting near us that I will be talking to him. Necessary. I am glad you enjoyed it also.

Michelle Erica Green said...

I don't always love Wes Anderson (I think he's talented but not often moving; depends on my mood) but thought that movie was very well done!

Gin G said...

I really liked the one with Bruce Willis and the kids on the island. Very odd and sweet. This one was entertainingm, but I had forgotten it was Wes Anderson.