Saturday, September 20, 2014

Poem for Saturday, Image in the Sand, Renaissance Beasts

My Computer Ate My Homework
By Kenn Nesbitt

My computer ate my homework.
Yes, it's troublesome, but true.
Though it didn't gnaw or nibble
and it didn't chomp or chew.

It digested it completely.
It consumed my homework whole,
when I pressed the Shift and Enter keys
instead of Shift-Control.

It devoured my hours of typing,
every picture, chart and graph,
and it left me most unsettled
when I thought I heard it laugh.

I would guess it was a virus,
or it could have been a worm,
that deleted every bit
but didn't prompt me to confirm.

I suppose I might have pressed Escape
instead of pressing Save,
but, regardless, my computer
now will never misbehave.

For I found a good solution
and I smiled to hear the crash,
when I chucked it out the window
and it landed in the trash.


I had a perfectly fine Friday until a couple of hours ago, but I have spent that last couple of hours fighting and fighting with my new-old computer (the one I inherited from my son) because it absolutely refuses to install the Windows 7 service pack despite my trying all 14 fixes that Microsoft suggests. Do I actually need the freaking service pack? Will it protect me against anything besides, oh, frustration at my computer's refusal to do what Microsoft suggests?

I did post a review of Deep Space Nine's wonderful, wonderful "Image in the Sand", and enjoyed the gorgeous weather in the woods, and had dinner with my parents, and even talked like a pirate a little (though sadly not at Krispy Kreme, which was giving out free doughnuts to people who did so there). Tonight's The Roosevelts was very sad, but had lots of Winston Churchill, which makes me happy. Animals from the Maryland and Pennsylvania Renfaires:

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