Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Poem for Wednesday and Critter Noah

Weave in, My Hardy Life
By Walt Whitman

Weave in, weave in, my hardy life,
Weave yet a soldier strong and full for great campaigns to come,
Weave in red blood, weave sinews in like ropes, the senses, sight weave in,
Weave lasting sure, weave day and night the weft, the warp, incessant weave, tire not,
(We know not what the use O life, nor know the aim, the end, nor really aught we know,
But know the work, the need goes on and shall go on, the death-envelop’d march of peace as well as war goes on,)
For great campaigns of peace the same the wiry threads to weave,
We know not why or what, yet weave, forever weave.


Tuesday was supposed to be the day on which I got everything done that didn't get done last week, like printing holiday card address labels, folding laundry, sorting things to freecycle, and putting away my birthday DVDs. Instead, even though it rained all day so I avoided being outside as much as possible, it took me two hours to tag and upload photos from the past weekend and I didn't get to half of what I wanted to get done.

I did have a lovely evening with Angela and Kevin, who came over to have latkes and celebrate the first night of Chanukah with us. Angela had to leave early to meet her mom, but Kevin stayed to watch Virtuosity (he'd never seen it; of course Russell Crowe is not a hardship for me) and Phantasm (we'd never seen it, hahahaha). Here is Noah's Ark handcrafted of natural materials at the Brandywine River Museum:

Happy Chanukah!

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