Saturday, February 28, 2015

Poem for Saturday, When It Rains, Me and Spock

A Silence With You
By Leonard Nimoy

A silence with you
is not
a silence

But a moment rich
with peace


I was working on a review of Deep Space Nine's "When It Rains..." when I learned from Daniel that Leonard Nimoy had died. I never thought I'd be posting his poetry, but then I guess I thought of him as immortal (or at least someone who might come back like Spock), even though I knew he'd been very ill. He seems to have had a very full life, his main regret being that he didn't stop smoking soon enough to have lived longer, but it feels like I lost a relative -- someone I have known for literally my entire life, who introduced me to more of my friends and affected my interests more than nearly anyone I knew personally.

So my day was very Star Trek-focused in a way it hasn't been since I stopped writing news for TrekToday, in some ways a very enjoyable thing -- I talked about Star Trek and what it had meant to us with people I've known for decades -- and in some ways very sad. We picked up Daniel from College Park and took him to dinner with my parents, then we came home and watched The Wrath of Khan (the one in which Spock dies) and The Search For Spock (the one in which Spock is resurrected), again like having a reunion with old friends. Here are old photos from some of the many years of my life as a Trekkie:

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