Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Poem for Wednesday and Spinosaurus Exhibit

Roadside Attraction
By Jeffrey Schwaner

The frowning top of a ferris wheel.
The rotating lights stop, and I wonder for
a moment if all time has stopped, too; a streetlight changes
and we continue on.
But somewhere up there near the top
you and I are suspended, considering the moment
while below another couple steps off into the noise.


Our Mardi Gras was not very wild or colorful because the entire region was shut down due to snow, though we ended up at the lower end of estimates -- 3-4 inches, not 6-8, and nothing like the Alps of M.I.T. Our neighborhood was plowed by mid-morning, though we didn't get trash picked up or mail delivered. Paul worked from home, so we had lunch together.

In the late afternoon we saw Paddington, since I was in the mood for a British movie and am still wary of seeing Kingsman. The plot isn't terribly engaging and it's impossible to recapture the dated charm of the books, but the cast is 1/3 Harry Potter plus 1/3 Doctor Who, the London scenery is lovely, and the steampunk bits with Bonneville in a frock are very fun.

Paul made veggie gumbo for dinner, though we had neither king cake nor hurricanes due to the snowstorm creating local shortages and store closings. Agent Carter seemed kind of meh to me; I was more engaged by The Flash even though the women's roles were a one-two-three of epic failure, at least there were no lectures. More photos of the dinosaur exhibit at the National Geographic Museum:

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