Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Poem for Wednesday and Local Winter

Song of Quietness
By Robinson Jeffers

Drink deep, drink deep of quietness,
    And on the margins of the sea
Remember not thine old distress
    Nor all the miseries to be.
Calmer than mists, and cold
As they, that fold on fold
Up the dim valley are rolled,
    Learn thou to be.

The Past—it was a feverish dream,
    A drunken slumber full of tears.
The Future—O what wild wings gleam,
    Wheeled in the van of desperate years!
Thou lovedst the evening: dawn
Glimmers; the night is gone:—
What dangers lure thee on,
    What dreams more fierce?

But meanwhile, now the east is gray,
    The hour is pale, the cocks yet dumb,
Be glad before the birth of day,
    Take thy brief rest ere morning come:
Here in the beautiful woods
All night the sea-mist floods,—
Thy last of solitudes,
    Thy yearlong home.


I've got nothing to report but an ominous weather report whose start time kept getting pushed back until nearly dark -- plus a new weather report warning that Thursday is going to suck -- and something screwing up my desktop computer that is making explorer.exe use an insane amount of memory, thus stopping every other program from working. It doesn't seem to be a virus or malware, since I have scanned it with every scanner I know of and they keep coming up clean, but I don't know what else it could be. I would rather have my toenails removed than reinstall Windows and everything else running on the computer. Urgh.

Paul worked from home in case of weather, so in the late afternoon we watched the 2010 Globe Theatre Romeo and Juliet, which we found at our local library after seeing bits of it on Shakespeare Uncovered. We tried to take a walk to see bunnies, but the sidewalks were so icy that we didn't get far. After dinner, we watched Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, which sadly did not evolve Skye to a higher plane and write her off the show, and Forever, which had awesome women hackers and pretty much rocked in every way. Here are DC and Columbia Island Marina from a couple of weeks ago:

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