Saturday, May 16, 2015

Poem for Saturday, Brookside, Eye of the Needle, Iron Man

By John Gray

To Arthur Edmonds

Geranium, houseleek, laid in oblong beds
On the trim grass. The daisies' leprous stain
Is fresh. Each night the daisies burst again,
Though every day the gardener crops their heads.

A wistful child, in foul unwholesome shreds,
Recalls some legend of a daisy chain
That makes a pretty necklace. She would fain
Make one, and wear it, if she had some threads.

Sun, leprous flowers, foul child. The asphalt burns.
The garrulous sparrows perch on metal Burns.
Sing! Sing! they say, and flutter with their wings.
He does not sing, he only wonders why
He is sitting there. The sparrows sing. And I
Yield to the strait allure of simple things.


Hiya. I'm watching Iron Man 2, having just watched Iron Man, because I have a Tony Stark problem and believe me no one has lost more respect for me than me. (Actually it's a Bruce Banner problem, but it's all entangled with the Tony Stark problem and WHY IS THERE NO RUFFALO HULK MOVIE YET?) So I don't even know what I'm typing.

My day involved our van windshield getting replaced and a plumbing thing getting rescheduled, and bunnies. Anyway, have a review of Voyager's "Eye of the Needle" which was the most productive thing I got done. And some flowers from Brookside Gardens' winter display, which I realized I should post before I post the spring display!

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