Monday, July 06, 2015

Greetings from Nationals Park

We spent most of Sunday with my kids, parents, in-laws, and nine siblings, nieces and nephews at Great Falls (which was very hot and humid, but lush and green, with dragonflies, cormorants, herons, and one camouflaged snapping turtle) and then the Nationals game (where I had a vegetarian cheesesteak plus chili fries, and saw the Nationals beat the Giants while the US women were beating Japan in the World Cup, though Teddy won the Presidents' Race due to a shark attack knocking out the others...yes really). We got home very late, so here are just a few family photos, hope everyone had a good weekend!

The four 12-and-under nephews looked for turtles in the canal.

My mother took this photo of those who were still upright at the Potomac River overlook.

Arriving early to pick up our Stephen Strasburg bobbleheads.

Getting some food while waiting for the game to start.

Adam and Maddy watching the World Cup on his phone.

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