Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Poem for Tuesday and Sandy Point Beach

Preface to the 'Preface to the Poems Composed at the Orchid Pavilion'
By Nick Lantz

In the late spring of 1985,
we met in the weedy lot of the Orchid Pavilion Nursery
for a little ritual purification.

Everyone came, all the half-brothers and half-sisters,
the children not yet born,
and men so old they were young again.

We sat beside the aqueduct, and gold cans of beer
floated down to us
like the lines of poems.

The end of the twentieth century hung over
us like a cartoon anvil, but the breeze
that day was a knife so sharp

you couldn't feel it cutting pieces off of you.
But then, when it's sunny, no one remembers
how quickly a century turns over.

Our mothers always said that living and dying
ran on the same business model,
that one hand washed the other.

But how to tell that to the rat whose whiskers
will be bound into the brush
that inks these very lines about him?

No, there's no use pretending the tears our mothers wept
over newborn babies and the dead
were even the same species of water.


Cheryl stayed over on Sunday night so we could have a movie Monday. We watched both Robert Downey, Jr.-Jude Law Sherlock Holmes movies (is there any news on the third?), went out to the mall to get crepes for lunch, nearly finished Shoujo Cosette, took a walk to see bunnies (3), and plotted things to do in the fall.

Adam went hiking at Great Falls with his girlfriend, who stayed for dinner after Cheryl left. Then we all watched Castle in the Sky, which she had not seen and I hadn't seen in years. I have not blogged properly in days but I am still sunburned so here are some views of and around the Chesapeake Bay Bridge from Sandy Point State Park on Sunday!

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