Thursday, September 17, 2015

Poem for Thursday, Great Falls, Friends & Lovers

In Our Late Empire, Love
By Malachi Black

drops from upper air,
                                       like rain,
clinging brightly
                            to the fresh-cut hair
of children
                    and the infantry:
all hail
             the clicking heel, all will
             the shrinking light
with grains
                     of wedding rice, of salt,
of sands as fit
                         a last brassy parade:
the marching band
                                    will soften
with its growing-distant
the oscillating hand
                                     will stop
its waving
                   soon enough, soon
             here now, the motorcade
           gaily through the citizens’
                and the children’s eyes
bronze faintly
                         with the glint
of far-off fireworks,
                               or firebombs,
or falling evening stars.


On Wednesday I went to Great Falls with my neighbor Carole for a walk on yet another gorgeous morning! We did not see any herons, but we saw two skinks, lots of turkey vultures, one turtle, a few ducks and geese, and some butterflies. Then we went to Starbucks for lattes and conversation, after which I dragged her into Rite Aid next door and found the 2015 Halloween Barbie, which pleases me greatly. So a very successful morning on which I got no work done!

In the afternoon I caught up on work, folded laundry, and eventually took a walk around the neighborhood with Paul on which we saw three bunnies. I could not face the prospect of the Republican debate, so we watched Friends & Lovers, which is pretty mediocre (wants to be Love Actually or at least The Big Chill for younger people but doesn't have the script or breadth of acting talent) but did not make my blood pressure rise -- even the Orioles did that when I saw the score!

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