Sunday, February 07, 2016

Poem for Sunday and Great Falls High Water

Monadnock in Early Spring
By Amy Lowell

Cloud-topped and splendid, dominating all
    The little lesser hills which compass thee,
    Thou standest, bright with April's buoyancy,
Yet holding Winter in some shaded wall
Of stern, steep rock; and startled by the call
    Of Spring, thy trees flush with expectancy
    And cast a cloud of crimson, silently,
Above thy snowy crevices where fall
    Pale shrivelled oak leaves, while the snow beneath
    Melts at their phantom touch. Another year
Is quick with import. Such each year has been.
    Unmoved thou watchest all, and all bequeath
    Some jewel to thy diadem of power,
Thou pledge of greater majesty unseen.


Older son is home! He flew from Seattle to Detroit before arriving at Dulles, so we didn't even leave the house to get him till nearly 9:30, and now he is catching up on work he missed while traveling and the cats are fascinated by how he and everything he brought smells.

Earlier in the day we did less exciting things like laundry, cleaning up, shopping and a UPS drop-off. But then we went to Great Falls to see the cresting Potomac River, where we also got to see rainbows in the high spray, vultures above the high water, and a fishing heron:

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