Friday, February 26, 2016

Poem for Friday and Longwood Flowers

To Pimp A Butterfly: Mortal Man Outro
By Kendrick Lamar Duckworth with Mark Anthony Spears, Fela Anikulapo Kuti, Stephen Bruner

"The caterpillar is a prisoner to the streets that conceived it
Its only job is to eat or consume everything around it, in order to protect itself from this mad city
While consuming its environment the caterpillar begins to notice ways to survive
One thing it noticed is how much the world shuns him, but praises the butterfly
The butterfly represents the talent, the thoughtfulness, and the beauty within the caterpillar
But having a harsh outlook on life the caterpillar sees the butterfly as weak and figures out a way to pimp it to his own benefits
Already surrounded by this mad city the caterpillar goes to work on the cocoon which institutionalizes him
He can no longer see past his own thoughts
He's trapped
When trapped inside these walls certain ideas take roots, such as going home, and bringing back new concepts to this mad city
The result?
Wings begin to emerge, breaking the cycle of feeling stagnant
Finally free, the butterfly sheds light on situations that the caterpillar never considered, ending the internal struggle
Although the butterfly and caterpillar are completely different, they are one and the same."


I had a not-fun Thursday morning in that I needed to have routine blood tests before my annual physical next week but the earliest appointment I could get was at 10:45 (and of course they didn't get me back till 11), so I had to fast for way too many hours and was quite cranky with a headache by the time they were finished. Then, after lunch, we had to pick up the car, which like me has to go back to the doctor next week, because they did the regular maintenance and fixed the fuse for the charger but the part to repair the broken seat belt is back-ordered.

I watched "The Swarm," the Voyager episode I need to review this week, somewhat woozily over lunch -- the main plot is still not memorable, it's all about the Doctor. After dinner (feta and hazelnut ravioli!), it was time for The 100 (kiss Marcus FOR REAL Abby) and Elementary (it's EVERYONE who wants to kill Morland Holmes after what he did to Faramir and Ichabod). We saw snowdrops and lenten roses while we were out walking this evening, but I'm feeling the need for more color, so here are some flowers from Longwood Gardens' conservatory a few seasons back:

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