Monday, March 14, 2016

Poem for Monday and Daffodils

The Thinker
By William Carlos Williams

My wife’s new pink slippers
have gay pom-poms.
There is not a spot or a stain
on their satin toes or their sides.
All night they lie together
under her bed’s edge.
Shivering I catch sight of them
and smile, in the morning.
Later I watch them
descending the stair,
hurrying through the doors
and round the table,
moving stiffly
with a shake of their gay pom-poms!
And I talk to them
in my secret mind
out of pure happiness.


Extreme quickie as we are off to L.A.! We spent the day getting ready -- buying shorts for Adam at Kohl's and cat food at Giant, doing chores around the house. We did manage to watch the March Madness selection show and most of Once Upon a Time though I would not pass a quiz on what happened on the latter. Adam went to visit a friend who had surgery the other day, while we visited with our neighbor who is staying with our cats so she can get some snuggle time, having lost her own cat last year; hopefully the kittens will be sufficiently distracted not to destroy the entire house while we're gone! Since we're going to miss the end of daffodil season, here are a few phone snapshots to remind me!

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