Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Poem for Tuesday and Downtown Animals

Gwendolyn Brooks Park, Topeka
By Ed Skoog

They carved the letters yellow,
and painted
the wood around the letters green,
chained a picnic table to the grass
out near where the roof of the dead
mall directs a crack
of sunset to radiate the Burger King sign gold.
Last place open after midnight:
then apartment windows hold
stars and satellites in the cold.
A creek runs like a paper fold
from one corner of park to other,
twenty or thirty blocks from where
she took her first breaths of infancy
in the only city I know of
with the letters for poet
that does not also carry
a port or a point in its name.


Monday felt like spring! And I got to have lunch with Denise, whom I hadn't seen in far too long! She brought me a belated birthday present and we caught up together on Sunday's Once Upon a Time, plus we went to the mall to pick up lunch and stopped in Forever 21. It was so insanely nice out that when Paul was finished working, we went to take a walk in Cabin John Park, which is not much changed from last week in terms of budding but it's always nice to walk along the creek.

We watched some college basketball (nothing as good as the Lady Terps winning yesterday) and some Bones (gee, even Brennan's criminal father knows she has a thing for Booth) before this week's Blindspot, which is getting more interesting now that Jane has more agency and is figuring more out about where she came from. I'm hoping it comes back next season or at least has a well-planned endgame. Here are some of the animals we saw downtown enjoying the end of winter over the weekend:

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