Friday, April 01, 2016

Poem for Friday and Brookside Frogs

The Frog
By Hilaire Belloc

Be kind and tender to the Frog,
   And do not call him names,
As ‘Slimy skin,’ or ‘Polly-wog,’
   Or likewise ‘Ugly James,’
Or ‘Gape-a-grin,’ or ‘Toad-gone-wrong,’  
   Or ‘Billy Bandy-knees’:
The Frog is justly sensitive
   To epithets like these.
No animal will more repay
   A treatment kind and fair;
At least so lonely people say
Who keep a frog (and, by the way,  
They are extremely rare).


I had all kinds of work to do on Thursday because I thought I had to finish my Friday work a day early, which turned out not to be the case. So nothing really interesting happened around here till late afternoon, when I went for a walk, saw bunnies plus the first neighborhood azaleas in bloom, and became unexpectedly popular with a neighbor's dog. We had dinner with my parents since we can't do our usual Friday night dinner this week.

We watched this week's awesome and sad The 100 (NO NO PIKE YOU MUST DIE but MARCUS ABBY FINALLY YASSSSS), then the Billions we missed earlier in the week (AXELROD YOU BASTARD), and now we're watching Affleck, Cavill, and Adams on Graham Norton which probably is ten times more fun than Batman v. Superman -- Ben claims he slept with Henry, who in turn claims Batman is in love with Superman. Speaking of sex, frogs:

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