Saturday, April 30, 2016

Poem for Saturday, Macrocosm, Longwood Flowers

Settling In
By Jenny Factor

How I loved
each bare floor, each
naked wall, the shadows on

newly empty halls.
By day, my head humming
to itself of dreams, I cleaned and

to make life
new; dislodging from the corner,

the old
moths and cicadas
pinned to the screen, the carcasses

of grasshoppers
dangling from beams,
and each windowsill’s clutter of

dried beetles
and dead bees. But,
through each opening, each closing door,

the old life
returns on six legs, or
spins a musty web as it roosts over

a poison pot, or
descends from above
to drink blood in. This is how it

happens: the
settling in—the press
of wilderness returns to carved-out space, to skin.


Been at dinner, on the phone, and online all evening talking to relatives on all sides of the family, so this will be very brief! Here is my review of Voyager's unintentionally hilarious, dreadfully written "Macrocosm", and here are a few photos of flowers from Longwood Gardens during a spring past since we haven't made it there this spring:

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