Monday, August 22, 2016

Poem for Monday and Salisbury Zoo

Blue Vase
By Cynthia Zarin

Because you like to sleep with curtains drawn,
        at dawn I rose and pulled the velvet tight.

You stirred, then set your hand back on my hip,
        the bed a ship in sleep's doubled plunging

wave on wave, until as though a lighthouse
        beam had crossed the room: the vase between

the windows suddenly ablaze, a spirit,
        seized, inside its amethyst blue gaze. 

What's that? you said. A slip of light, untamed,
        had turned the vase into a crystal ball,

whose blue eye looked back at us, amazed, two
        sleepers startled in each other's arms,

while day lapped at night's extinguished edge,
        adrift between the past and future tense,

a blue moon for an instant caught in its chipped
        sapphire—love enduring, give or take.


Since Daniel was flying back to Seattle on Sunday afternoon, we had brunch on Sunday morning with my parents before driving him to the airport -- Paul made Belgian waffles and eggs. Then we took Daniel to Dulles, said our farewells, and did some shopping, including taking Adam's bike for a check-up, picking up food and drugstore necessities, and getting Starbucks. We got home in time for the end of the US men's Olympic gold medal basketball game and medal ceremony.

Then we watched The Man Who Knew Infinity, which is wonderful -- I was afraid I wouldn't understand the math, but the filmmakers were smart enough to realize that nobody would and kept it to a minimum, plus it has a fantastic cast (Dev Patel, Jeremy Irons, Toby Jones, Jeremy Northam). We caught some of the Olympics closing ceremonies, but it turned out neither Adam nor Maddy had seen Now You See Me 2, which is now On Demand, so we decided to put that on. From the Salisbury Zoo on Friday:

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