Thursday, August 04, 2016

Poem for Thursday and Brookside Tulips

Quick Black Hole Spin-Change
By Edward Sanders

I don't like it—

two massive Black Holes
each twirling at the core of
                      two merging galaxies

get close enough
to fuse together

then quick as a wink
just as they are melting into a New Black Hole Blob

they undergo something called a "spin-flip"

they change the axes of their spins
and the fused-together Black Hole Blob
gets its own
          quick as a cricket's foot

Don't like it at all

And then the new Black Hole Blob sometimes
bounces back and forth inside
                              its mergèd Galaxy

till it settles at the center

but sometimes a "newly" up-sized Black Hole
leaves its Galaxy
to sail out munchingly on its own
                                 into the Universal It

I don't like it

Nothing about it
in the Bhagavad Gita
the Book of Revelation
Shakespeare, Sappho, or Allen Ginsberg


Yet another quickie -- I'm watching Interstellar with Adam and Christine (Maddy is cat- and house-sitting, and dropped her iPhone in the tub so is very upset waiting to see if rice will dry it out). We are all very full from dinner at Memsahib for Adam's belated birthday with Christine, Maddy, and my parents (five courses, each one better than the next). Otherwise my day was about watching Voyager for work with Adam and taking Maddy to CVS and unexciting things anyway! More tomorrow; meanwhile have some tulips from spring at Brookside Gardens!

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