Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Poem for Wednesday and Discover Sea Museum

By Mary Weston Fordham

Night and a starless sky,
Ship on wild billows tost,
With tattered sails and opening seams,
And deck bestrewn with falling beams,
Swift plunging to her doom.

Red lightnings round her flash,
Loud thunders crash and roar,
And the noble vessel mounts the crest
Of the reeking waves, then sinks to rest
Mid carnival of woe.

The Petrel soars aloft,
Wailing her hymn of death,
And the dirge like sounds pierce the blackened sky,
While the crew send forth one anguished cry,
Sinking to lowest depth.

Some ships go out to sea
That never more return,
Souls that from heaven in infancy come,
Tarnished and ruined by sin may become,
Like the Dove to the Ark they never return,
But sink as ship to doom.


Adam went to College Park for more lab training on Tuesday morning, so I took Madeline shopping at the mall for clothes to wear for job interviews. She wasn't entirely satisfied with what she found, but eventually we came home for lunch because we were ravenous. Then Adam and Christine arrived and we all hung out for a while and watched videos.

We had dinner with my parents since we're moving Adam into an apartment in College Park on Wednesday, stopping so Madeline can get her nose piercing replaced by an invisible retainer before her interview in the evening. The evening has been about packing and laundry! Photos from the Discover Sea Shipwreck Museum at Sea Shell City in Fenwick Island:

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