Monday, September 26, 2016

Greetings from Tacoma

We spent Sunday with Daniel in Tacoma beside the water, first at the Port Defiance Zoo & Aquarium, where we saw lots of animals and ate lunch, then at the Museum of Glass, where we watched glassblowing and visited the galleries and Dale Chihuly installations, and finally on the campus of the University of Washington Tacoma, where we went looking for more Chihuly exhibits on the grounds and had coffee.

The weather was perfect, 70 degrees and partly cloudy though not so overcast to block spectacular views of Mount Rainier from the zoo and museum. My knee felt better so we did a lot of walking, all around the zoo grounds and across the Bridge of Glass. We ended up going back to son's apartment, ordering Indian food, and watching the late football games (the Ravens and Seahawks had both already won).

The zoo backs up to the water, and we could hear fog horns and see ships from the hilly areas.

Paul and Daniel in the aquarium area, which has rays, skates, sharks, jellyfish, and lots of other fish.

Here I am with wallabies. We also saw penguins, clouded leopards, tigers, arctic animals, and lots more.

Mount Rainier was visible over many of the zoo buildings.

Paul and Daniel outside the Museum of Glass by Martin Blank's Fluent Steps.

Me playing Eve with the snake from Michael Sherrill's Brightly Hidden.

The Venetian Wall on Chihuly's Bridge of Glass.

The waterfront where we attended Tall Ships Tacoma in 2005.

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