Monday, September 12, 2016

Poem for Monday, Hanover, Churchill's Secret

#blogElul 5: Accept
By Rachel Barenblat

You remind me
I don't have to turn myself
inside-out to be loved.

I don't have to force my feet
into shoes that don't fit
or walk a path that isn't mine.

You don't want me to hide
any of who I am, not even
my overflowing heart.


Quickie because we were Skyping with Daniel, who cut his finger while chopping onions and was cranky about that. We spent most of the day in Hanover with Maddy visiting Paul's parents, where we also Skyped with Adam (while Christine was home for a family christening) and Maddy's father and brothers. We picked up pizza on the way there and took Cinda to A.C. Moore, where she got yarn, Maddy got fall decorations, I got duct tape!

Then we drove back and met Karen and Jim for dinner at Union Jack's, where I had the great pistachio, cranberry, and goat cheese salad while sitting in front of the massive screen showing the Giants-Cowboys game (which I ignored, knowing the Ravens had already won). We watched the very good Churchill's Secret with Michael Gambon and Lindsay Duncan, then we watched the season premiere of Masters of Sex. The day and the sunset:

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