Thursday, September 22, 2016

Poem for Thursday and Boonesborough Days

When Was the Time Before Fear?
By Dichroic

Yesterday a sea lion
rested her head on my foot –
a sweet surprise but a small one,
here in these islands
where fear was never conceived.

How far back, I wonder
would you have to go
for that to happen
in places less remote?

Before there were billions of us?
Before there were millions?
Before the first hunters learned
that, banded together,
they were more formidable
than those who hunted them?
Before spears?
Before fire?


On Thursday we are going to Seattle for Daniel's birthday and Bring Your Parents To Work Day at, so Wednesday was pretty hectic! I had a lot of work to get done and we needed to take Madeline shopping so that she and Alice, who are house- and cat-sitting for us while we're away, would have enough food and all the rest.

We took a break from packing in the evening to watch the new Blindspot, which I mostly liked though I really miss [spoiler concerning character death from the end of last season]. Also, Kurt really needs to stop being so horrible to Jane. Here are some photos from the Boonesborough Days festival near South Mountain last weekend:

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