Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Poem for Tuesday, Hanover, Civil War

The Thaw
By Henry David Thoreau

I saw the civil sun drying earth’s tears —
Her tears of joy that only faster flowed,
Fain would I stretch me by the highway side,
To thaw and trickle with the melting snow,
That mingled soul and body with the tide,
I too may through the pores of nature flow.
But I alas nor tinkle can nor fume,
One jot to forward the great work of Time,
‘Tis mine to hearken while these ply the loom,
So shall my silence with their music chime.


We spent most of Monday in Hanover with Maddy at Clair and Cinda's house, since Clair's sister Jean and her husband Bob are visiting from Boise. We went out to the Hibachi Buffet for lunch, then visited and talked family and tech until we had to come home to get Maddy to work. The weather was nice -- drizzly but not too hot!

We stopped for Talk Like a Pirate donuts but it was mobbed. Maddy had to work late into the evening, so Paul and I watched Captain America: Civil War (which I obtained from Amazon since Target sold out of the Blu-Ray set with the extras). I still love the movie but it felt like too many warg battles this time; at least they have a sense of humor!

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