Sunday, October 16, 2016

Poem for Sunday, Family and Friends

By Carl Sandburg

I have been in Pennsylvania,
In the Monongahela and Hocking Valleys.

In the blue Susquehanna
On a Saturday morning
I saw a mounted constabulary go by,
I saw boys playing marbles.
Spring and the hills laughed.

And in places
Along the Appalachian chain,
I saw steel arms handling coal and iron,
And I saw the white-cauliflower faces
Of miner's wives waiting for the men to come home from the day's work.

I made color studies in crimson and violet
Over the dust and domes of culm at sunset.


Great but very full Saturday: Drove to Hanover with Paul, went out to lunch with his parents, then spent the afternoon with them and their friends the Urbans from Connecticut who came to visit them for a couple of days. (Did not expend much time or energy keeping up with the horrible Maryland-Minnesota game.)

Drove back toward Gaithersburg, had CPK with Kay and her family for her birthday, went back to her house for cake and ice cream. Got home, went to get gas and Maddy. Watched the Cubs hit a grand slam, now watching the mock debate on SNL which is so much more enjoyable than the real one. In pics:

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