Sunday, June 03, 2018

Poem for Sunday and Carderock Amphibians

The Frog Prince
By Linda Ori

As I was walking through the wood
One warm and sunny summer day,
I chanced upon a lovely sight
A swirl of butterflies in flight;

Urged on by curiosity,
I followed down the path they flew
And tumbled through a hidden door
Beneath the leafy woodland floor;

A wondrous sight did then appear
As if by magic to my eyes,
And there within a hollow log
I spied a very princely frog;

Nestled deep within that place
Of musty darkness shone a light,
And there I saw as I did look
A princely frog with poem book;

Lounging in his comfy space
With spectacles perched on his nose,
The frog prince reading unaware
Of being watched as I stood there;

So engrossed within his book,
He did not notice as I sneaked
Behind his chair on velvet feet -
Then all at once our eyes did meet

He dropped the book into his lap,
Complete surprise upon his face -
I turned to run and he did follow
Leaping from his hidden hollow

Swift I ran around the tree
And hiding, waited patiently
And soon he lept upon a rock
And then this frog began to talk;

'My dear, within your book I've read,
Your songs of love and gratitude,
Your tales of woe, of joy and such
I must admit, I like it much! '

But there is one thing I would ask
If I may only be so bold,
Now would you please consider this,
And place upon my lips a kiss?

Well, I believe in fairytales
For heaven knows I've read a few,
And if my memory serves me well,
A little kiss might break the spell;

So, pucker up you ugly frog
Let's get this done while in the mood,
I closed my eyes and then did place
A kiss upon his slimey face;

It wasn't bad, he tasted sweet!
I can't believe I kissed a frog!
My eyes did open then and see
A handsome prince smile back at me!

The prince of poets had been freed,
No longer bound beneath the spell -
And in his freedom I did find
A gentle prince, sincere and kind;

He offered then to mentor me
As poet prince, no longer frog -
And I of course said 'yes' and more...
That day beneath the woodland floor.


It was quite hot and muggy all day Saturday with periods of rain, so we tried to time our outings to periods when it was neither pouring nor sticky as glue out there. In the morning we did a bit of shopping and I met friends for a Ho-oh raid at the Starbucks near Giant, then we came home for sandwiches and went to Carderock. The canal there was full of frogs! Plus we saw a few turtles, lots of dragonflies, and a skink, and when we walked to the cliffs over the Potomac River, we saw a deer and a big black snake in the woods.









We came home and did a bunch of chores, ate kung pao tofu for dinner, and watched the 2018 Tomb Raider movie, which wasn't bad but wasn't very good despite how hard Alicia Vikander was trying; the script was a mediocre Indiana Jones daddy issues ripoff, and, despite a strong female lead, it barely even passed the Bechdel Test. Then we watched the Capitals-Golden Knights game, which was awesome, since the Caps won after leading all game (unlike the Nationals earlier who took 14 innings to beat the Braves)!

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