Thursday, September 06, 2018

Greetings from Angers

We started our Wednesday after a great breakfast at the Château de Trécesson, a 13th century castle surrounded by water. Most of the rest of the day was spent visiting Arthurian sites, all on my list after having been to Glastonbury and Snowdonia. We walked to the megaliths of the Hotié de Viviane, visited the Church of the Grail with its beautiful stained glass, had lunch near the Val sans Retour after walking to the golden tree, and stopped at the ancient Guillotin Oak which is nearly a thousand years old.

Then we went to the Arthurian Center at the Château de Comper, a castle which is gorgeous in itself, situated on a lake where the trees are starting to turn for autumn, and which has displays on King Arthur myths focused on the French versions but with nods to everything from T.H. White to The Mists of Avalon to Merlin to Monty Python. After that we went to the Tomb of Merlin and the nearby Fountain of Youth (which does not appear to have de-aged us any), plus the park at the Lac de Trémelin which has a sword in a stone we were unable to dislodge.

Finally we drove two hours to Angers, where Anjou reaches the Loire Valley, and had an excellent Lebanese dinner at Le Comptoir Phenicien. The photos below are from the Château de Trécesson, Hotié de Viviane, Jardin aux Moines, Chêne à Guillotin, Arthurian Center, Tomb of Merlin, Fountain of Youth, and Lac de Trémelin:









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