Monday, July 22, 2019

Greetings from the San Francisco Zoo

Sunday was a long day and we have to get up very, very early Monday to fly back to Maryland, so quick summary: we got up, picked up Daniel at his hotel then Adam and Katherine at their apartment, went to IHOP for brunch, dropped Daniel off at the airport for his flight to Seattle, and took Adam and Katherine to the zoo. We had a lovely few hours seeing giraffes, gorillas, a penguin feeding, a python sleeping, many other animals, and some shiny Mudkip for Pokemon Community Day (Katherine plays too).

Then we went out to the suburbs to Pier One, Tuesday Morning, and Home Depot for various items for the apartment including a microwave, porch furniture, and some household goods, after which we went to City Kebabs & Gyros for dinner, followed by a couple of hours at the apartment getting everything upstairs and putting the lamps and things together. Adam starts his new job tomorrow morning! Just a few pics running from finish to start, more from home:

2019-07-21 22.05.40A

2019-07-21 21.04.43A


2019-07-21 15.53.51A

2019-07-21 12.03.19A

2019-07-21 10.35.00A

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Greetings from Oracle Park

Saturday was Adam's 23rd birthday as well as the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, so we spent most of the day celebrating. We drove into the city to meet Adam and Katherine, walked a few blocks through the Civic Center area, and took a Muni train to Oracle Park, where we met Daniel for the Giants-Mets game. After getting lucky in extra innings the past two days, the Giants were not as successful today (which was okay with most of us since we're primarily fans of other teams). But the weather was magnificent, we had fabulous seats high above first base with amazing views of the ships in the bay and the pigeons and seagulls who visit the stadium, and we had Impossible Burgers, cotton candy, and lots of food.

2019-07-20 16.15.33

2019-07-20 11.35.24

2019-07-20 11.54.15



2019-07-20 12.52.02

2019-07-20 11.56.03



After the game ended, we walked around the stadium to see the baseball statues and the sailboats, then we took the train back to Civic Center and walked around City Hall and the theaters before hanging out at Adam's apartment for a while. Katherine and I played a bit of Pokemon and we watched some moon landing retrospectives, which the stadium had on screens as well. We considered many restaurants before deciding to go to Rangoon Ruby for Burmese food (I don't think I've ever had Burmese curry before and it was delicious, plus pumpkin stew). Adam wanted Salt and Straw for his birthday dessert, so we walked there and sat in Patricia's Green eating it before walking him back to his apartment and dropping Daniel off at his hotel.

Saturday, July 20, 2019

Greetings from Fisherman's Wharf

We spent most of Friday at Adam and Katherine's new apartment, first waiting for furniture to be delivered from IKEA, then putting together the kitchen table and chairs plus a big living room chair while waiting for Macy's to get there with the bed. We ate bagels we'd bought at House of Bagels the day before plus some snacks picked up at a CVS down the street, where we also stopped for some household essentials. Daniel joined us and brought us Mrs. Fields' cookies after lunch. When finally the bed had linens on it, we went out.

We headed down to Fisherman's Wharf, walking out on Pier 39 to see the many sea lions sunning themselves among the gulls, pelicans, and cormorants. Then we went to Boudin Bakery for wonderful sourdough bread bowls with soup and half sandwiches with cheese, after which we walked along the waterfront in view of Alcatraz to the Musee Mecanique, which Daniel had discovered -- an antique penny arcade with all manner of historic amusements from fortunetelling machines to musical monkey devices, where we competed at air hockey and skee ball!

2019-07-19 17.41.46A

2019-07-19 17.35.21A

2019-07-19 19.15.37

2019-07-19 19.11.24

2019-07-19 19.21.56

2019-07-19 16.41.32

2019-07-19 11.07.50A

Friday, July 19, 2019

Greetings from Lands End

After breakfast at the hotel buffet, we spent Thursday morning shopping in the suburbs with Adam for things for his apartment while Daniel went to the contemporary art museum downtown. We went to Home Depot to pick up rugs Adam and Katherine had found online, then drove across the bay to Oakland to go to Ikea for furniture. Then we met Daniel outside the museum and stopped at the very good House of Bagels on the way to Lands End in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, which has great views of the Golden Gate Bridge (when not covered by the fog that rolled in) and a labyrinth on a promontory by the water. There's a cave, the rocks offshore are covered in pelicans and cormorants, and we saw hummingbirds, baby gulls, even a skunk!

We visited the beach on the Pacific Ocean past Lands End on the way to Golden Gate Park, where there were more gulls and pelicans, some people fishing, a few brave souls surfing, and though it was too chilly for me to wade out to catch sand crabs, we saw evidence of them all over the beach. Later we went to see the windmill and bison in the lower part of the park. Being near the water made me crave hush puppies, so we did research and discovered a restaurant in the Tenderloin called Brenda's French Soul Food which has phenomenal vegetarian (and not) Creole cuisine and chocolate-filled beignets! After eating, we dropped Daniel off at his hotel, stopped at Target for apartment stuff, and went to pick up Katherine from the airport.

2019-07-18 15.36.27A

2019-07-18 14.48.14A

2019-07-18 15.30.05A

2019-07-18 15.33.50A

2019-07-18 16.55.56A

2019-07-18 17.23.27A

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Greetings from San Francisco

We had a very full day -- got up at 5, mostly slept on the plane though we ate breakfast and watched the terrible, terrible Holmes and Watson, picked up the rental car, had a fabulous Indian food at Noori in San Bruno, stopped at Target and Lowe's to get some things Adam needed for his apartment, drove into the city, met his landlady at the big fountain near the pool in the apartment complex, left suitcases and hampers and stuff (and I did a Pokemon raid at the adjacent gym), met Daniel -- who has been in the city for a few days already -- downstairs, walked to Salt and Straw for ice cream which we ate at Patricia's Green, eventually dropped Daniel at his downtown hotel and took Adam to stay with us out at the Villa Montes Hotel in San Bruno. It's all been lovely and the weather has been incredible, about 70 degrees and almost no clouds! 

2019-07-17 11.19.44

2019-07-17 15.26.49



2019-07-17 16.56.11

2019-07-17 18.01.10

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Greetings In Motion

Spent the whole day getting ready to move Adam to San Francisco -- packing, taking boxes to UPS, going to his apartment in College Park after dropping Katherine off at HER apartment in College Park so they both could clean up and leave their keys, disassembling his bed, driving that and his bike home, taking apart the bunk beds that have been in his room since he was a small child, reassembling the bed from College Park, laundering and replacing the linens, putting the bunk bed pieces in Daniel's closet, having pizza with Katherine and her father who had come to retrieve her and the things she decided not to ship from her College Park apartment, helping Adam give his car to someone I know from Pokemon, and then finally packing my own things for San Francisco while he was out with his high school best friends. I definitely remembered my computer but I'm not sure I have enough underwear! Just a few snapshots from the day in reverse order:

2019-07-16 20.20.10

2019-07-16 17.52.31

2019-07-16 15.55.00

2019-07-16 12.21.44

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Greetings from Moving Boxes

Extreme quickie from a living room in which Adam and Katherine are packing boxes of things going to San Francisco, after having brought his mattress from College Park here, necessitating that we put it in Daniel's old closet so the cats don't scratch it. I didn't have a vehicle for most of the day because they took the van to get boxes, send off a deposit for the lease, and things like that, so apart from a couple of Mewtwo raids right near home, it was a quiet afternoon.

We all went to pick up Paul from where he dropped off the car, which needs repairs after being sideswiped last weekend, then Katherine went to meet a friend for dinner and the rest of us went to my parents' where they had an early birthday cake for Adam. After dinner, Adam went to get a bunch of things from his College Park apartment while Paul and I caught up on The Loudest Voice and Agents of SHIELD. The Lotus Festival from Kenilworth Gardens:






2019-07-14 15.34.47



Monday, July 15, 2019

Greetings from Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens

Adam was out nearly the entire day on Sunday, going kayaking and out to lunch with friends, then picking up Katherine from the Metro and going to College Park to pack, so we had a morning of Wimbledon, then we went to Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens for their annual Lotus and Water Lily Festival. It was quite hot and the flowers were a bit past peak, but it was gorgeous -- lots of enormous pink blooms in the lotus ponds and a few frogs and turtles in among the water lilies. We also walked out the boardwalk into the wetlands, where there were egrets, red-shouldered hawks, and butterflies on the marsh flowers. We didn't stay for much of the crafts and music, though we did hear some of the African and Mexican music and I got to hold a python!

2019-07-14 14.37.01




2019-07-14 15.44.12




We didn't have dinner till after 8 p.m. when Adam and Katherine arrived for burrito casserole. Then, after much discussion, we ended up watching Rogue One because she had never seen it, and afterward, because of running commentary by certain members of the family during the film, we watched the first Robot Chicken Star Wars special, which holds up about as well as the Star Wars movies themselves! Tomorrow I'm stuck in the house part of the day because Adam's car is having battery issues and it's not worth the cost to replace when he's getting rid of the car, then I'm helping him ship stuff the part of the day he doesn't have my van in College Park, so hopefully I will at least get the laundry done and my hair dyed!