Monday, January 07, 2019

Greetings from National Harbor

We went to retrieve Daniel from MAGFest on a lovely temperate winter Sunday that was a perfect day to visit the waterfront. So we parked at National Harbor, went to lunch at a Mediterranean restaurant down there, watched some of the Ravens-Chargers game on the huge screen, visited a few of the shops, sculptures, and megaliths, and eventually came home to go have dinner with my parents. Afterward we watched a bit of the Golden Globes but quickly got irritated by the pompous speeches and, having enjoyed the clips, put on Black Panther instead. (Yay for Olivia Colman, Green Book, Ben Whishaw, The Americans, Christian Bale, and Satan, but most of their categories made no sense.) Here are a few photos from our day!

2019-01-06 14.40.30
Me with Winston Churchill and Franklin D. Roosevelt on the main shopping street of National Harbor...

2019-01-06 14.11.23
...and with my family by The Awakening and the ferris wheel.

2019-01-06 13.31.14
We could see the Ravens game (which turned out to be their last of the season) on the huge screen by the waterfront.

2019-01-06 14.02.22
And we could see it from lunch at Mezeh too.

2019-01-06 14.20.35
We stopped in the Peeps store...

2019-01-06 14.27.14
...and in hot sauce store Pepper Palace.

2019-01-06 18.03.40
Daniel got me a stuffed Articuno and a Starfleet necklace at MAGFest.

2019-01-06 19.52.17A
And we had dinner with my parents.

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