Saturday, January 11, 2020

Poem for Saturday and USBG Miniatures

By Eden Phillpotts

The grey beards wag, the bald heads nod,
And gather thick as bees,
To talk electrons, gases, God,
Old nebulae, new fleas.
Each specialist, each dry-as-dust
And professorial oaf,
Holds up his little crumb of crust
And cries, " Behold the loaf!"


I woke up from a horrible nightmare involving my kids, then realized later that it was the birthday of Adam's good friend Robert who died two years ago just days after the day. So I was kind of off-center all day and did not get a lot done, apart from a walk in the park to catch the new Pokemon released this afternoon after a Heatran raid.

We had dinner with my parents, who now have Disney+ so we can discuss Baby Yoda in their presence, then we came home and (speaking of Disney+) finished the first season of Marvel's Runaways, which I'm still enjoying a lot. Here are some of the US Botanical Garden's plant-based miniatures of buildings on the National Mall:

2019-12-23 16.36.15

2019-12-23 16.41.05

2019-12-23 16.21.57

2019-12-23 16.19.13

2019-12-23 16.21.38

2019-12-23 16.21.09

2019-12-23 16.20.21

2019-12-23 16.38.09

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