Saturday, March 07, 2020

Poem for Saturday and Spring in the Park

By Ben Doller

Just want things

Just things,
not all.

Not kings, kings
should be below:

shoveling, dripping,
and most of all—

literally speaking—
not people

nothing living
need be within our ratio.

I underexaggerate,

there’s something
to population control,

something impossible
yet crucial,

so many ways
to be living,

particles, heavy metals,
even animals are living.

Kings live too amidst their industries
but who would know

and time
just want time

to stay

the moment cleaving
in threes


I didn't have a super-exciting Friday, though I got a bunch of work and chores done, including some writing, some scanning photos, and some rearranging stuff in my room. My cat Daisy seems to have a cold or seasonal allergies and I'm not sure at what point to worry if she's sneezing but eating and not lethargic.

We had dinner with my parents and then watched some more Jessica Jones. It's a lot of violence, particularly against women, without feeling nearly as purposeful as Westworld or The Man in the High Castle so I'm not sure I'll stick with it, though I like the characters. But look, spring has come to Cabin John Park:

2020-03-04 16.20.44

2020-03-04 16.31.03

2020-03-04 16.34.17

2020-03-04 16.32.43

2020-03-04 16.31.26

2020-03-05 18.03.21

2020-03-04 16.29.33

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