Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Poem for Tuesday

Drunk with Pines
By Pablo Neruda

Drunk with pines and long kisses,
like summer I steer the fast sail of the roses,
bent towards the death of the thin day,
stuck into my solid marine madness.

Pale and lashed to my ravenous water,
I cruise in the sour smell of the naked climate,
still dressed in grey and bitter sounds
and a sad crest of abandoned spray.

Hardened by passions, I go mounted on my one wave,
lunar, solar, burning and cold, all at once,
becalmed in the throat of the fortunate isles
that are white and sweet as cool hips.

In the moist night my garment of kisses trembles
charged to insanity with electric currents,
heroically divided into dreams
and intoxicating roses practicing on me.

Upstream, in the midst of the outer waves,
your parallel body yields to my arms
like a fish infinitely fastened to my soul,
quick and slow, in the energy under the sky.


made the awesome new Peter Pan mood theme (which pointed out to me). Shall indulge until finishes her M&C mood theme, because I must have a M&C mood theme!

My HP OTP, gacked from , which makes me giggle, because Draco/Sirius?! Um:


What's Your OTP?
St. Dymphna's - A Harry Potter/Enchanted Forest RPG

I know I've been useless this past week. Shall try to be very slightly less useless soon. *g*

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