Sunday, July 10, 2011

Poem for Sunday and Washingtonian Geese

The Republic of Dreams
By Michael Palmer

She lay so still that
as she spoke

a spider spun a seamless web
upon her body

as we spoke
and then her limbs came loose

one by one
and so my own


Adam had one of two in-school summer health classes on Saturday afternoon -- like Daniel, we are letting him take it online in the summer so he doesn't lose an entire semester to a boring required class when he could be taking photography or theater -- and we all woke up on the late side, so we had a fairly uneventful Saturday. We had a few chores to do on Rockville Pike and son had to be at a high school in Gaithersburg for the class, so we went to Washingtonian Lake, where we walked around to see the geese and their adolescent goslings, got Daniel a milkshake, stopped in a couple of stores, then took Adam to his class, which he proclaimed very boring.

After we picked up kitty litter and stopped at the food store, we came home, had dinner, and watched Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, figuring we should watch the first seven before we see the eighth next weekend. I don't remember whether I last watched this one and it's surreal to see how much younger the actors look -- not just the kids playing Harry's generation but even Rickman and Smith. I remember how much everyone complained when Gambon replaced Harris as Dumbledore but rewatching now, particularly after finding out some of the dirt on Dumbledore in the seventh book, I prefer Gambon.

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