Thursday, March 22, 2018

Poem for Thursday and Snowy Spring

A March Snow
By Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Let the old snow be covered with the new:
The trampled snow, so soiled, and stained, and sodden.
Let it be hidden wholly from our view
By pure white flakes, all trackless and untrodden.
When Winter dies, low at the sweet Spring's feet
Let him be mantled in a clean, white sheet.

Let the old life be covered by the new:
The old past life so full of sad mistakes,
Let it be wholly hidden from the view
By deeds as white and silent as snow-flakes.

Ere this earth life melts in the eternal Spring
Let the white mantle of repentance fling
Soft drapery about it, fold on fold,
Even as the new snow covers up the old.


We spent the first full day of spring enjoying an all-day snowstorm. It wasn't very cold -- I'm not positive it was below freezing even in the morning -- but it snowed from dawn till nearly dusk, so we had almost four inches on the ground before it started to turn to slush. Tomorrow morning will be treacherous because the slush is going to ice over, but hopefully most of it will melt away during the day. The neighborhood was silent for hours before people emerged to sled and clean up.

Apart from taking walks in the snow and three rounds of shoveling, we had a quiet day -- Paul worked from home, Maddy was off work, we caught up on Black Lightning and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, I folded laundry and cropped photos. In the evening we watched what I hope will be the final episode of The X-Files, not its finest hour but a fine note to end on dramatically and ship-wise, and then Iron Man 2, which I will never love but I'd like better than the first one just for Natasha!