Monday, January 12, 2015

Greetings from Armonk

We are home from New York, much to the relief of our cats, who apparently wanted fresh food and teasing with lasers and toys more than they wanted to sleep on the vents without anyone ordering them to move. We had brunch this morning with my extended family and a lot of my niece's friends at my sister's house, then drove home through scenic New York and New Jersey, which had snow on the ground and ice on the lakes and rivers even though it was warmer than Saturday. We're supposed to have ice storms up and down the east coast overnight, too.

We got home in time to unpack (mostly) and watch the Golden Globe Awards, though I missed most of the fashion show beforehand. Adam wanted The Grand Budapest Hotel to win, so he was happy; I was very happy for Eddie Redmayne and Julianne Moore; we haven't seen half the nominated films nor most of the TV shows, so I didn't have strong opinions in a lot of other categories. Here are some photos from the Bat Mitzvah reception -- my kids, my parents, one niece, some souvenirs, me trying to be Joe Flacco (a loss only slightly mitigated by the Cowboys' defeat):

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