Thursday, July 31, 2003

Poem for Thursday

From The King Must Die
By Mary Renault

It is the task the gods allot us,
and the share of glory they allow;
the limits we must not pass;
and our appointed end.

It is not the sacrifice, whether it comes in youth or age,
or the god remits it;
it is not the bloodletting that calls down power.
It is the consenting, Theseus.
The readiness is all.
It washes heart and mind from things of no account,
and leaves them open to the god.


has images from the ROTK trailer and link to one of its current homes on the web. Yay! And has made screen caps of naked Sean Bean in Lady Chatterley. Yum!

Speaking of whom, I may have quoted this before but I ran into the quote and it bears repeating.

FHM: As an actor, you must spend a lot of time in hotel bedrooms. Ever been tempted to turn on the adult channel?

Sean Bean: No, not since I saw that Alan Partridge episode, anyway. The worst thing is when you think you've put the porn channel on accidentally. I mean you can't ring down and say I pressed the button by mistake, because they'll just laugh at you. And if you only have it on for a few seconds, they'll think you're a premature ejaculator. It's a dilemma, that.

For some reason TT has sent me no work to do this morning. Maybe I have been fired for being so late yesterday with the all-important DS9 season four DVD review wrap-up (or for having been out of town for a month). I get paid so little that it would hardly really matter. This is the fault of and I am horrified that I didn't cheat more and try harder to be Beka or Rommie! Eek!

You are Captain Dylan Hunt!
src="" alt="Dylan Hunt" border="0">
Brave, courageous, but somewhat foolhardy.
You should look before crossing the road!
Take the Test.
Brought to you by Andromeda UK

I'm reading Sallie Nichols' Jung and Tarot and really enjoying it. Can't believe I never read it before.

Am off to get ready to have lunch with and . We are going metaphysical bookstore-hopping. Much slash will be discussed. Joy!

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